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:iconmadhamstercostumes: totally blocked me from everything for actions out of my control due to mental health problems I experienced in December which I had to take anti-psychotic drugs for, and thus drooped me into a state of depression and blow on my self-esteem. I swear, that bitch has appeared in my nightmares for the sole purpose of torturing me. So... it looks like I'll have to make the entire Val suit myself, whereupon it'll most likely fail, making me look foolish and creepy. Screwed up on my coursework as well. Do I even want to do animation anymore? I don't know what's gonna happen next.
Before writing, I read 2997 views, but still, wow. That TG Animation is spreading like fire! It gives me the impression that the more personal and close to my deepest fantasies the animations are, the better received. Doesn't stop it from being the creepiest thing I've put on here, though. Well, thanks a lot for the positive feedback anyway! (I really want to animate more! Rawr!)

Oh, about mask type stuff. Someone is actually making one for me! (:iconmadhamstercostumes:) And I'm going to attempt to make a suit for it! Yep, that definitely means I'm turning into a furry. Oh gollywickers!

Finally, if you'd actually like to commission something from me, please don't hesitate to send me requests and suggestions, etc...

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I'll be flying to Colorado on the 21st July, and I've been rethinking my essay plan. Plus I'm considering opening commishes (more on that later).

The good news is, I only have one university assignment to retrieve this summer, the 2000-word essay and 10-minute presentation. Instead of 'Heavy Traffic' and 'Human Traffic', I shall look at 'Animal Farm' and 'Airplane!' instead. And no, I won't review that awful looking live-action totally ripping off Babe version of 'Animal Farm'. The actually good animated adaptation from 1954, because I gotta prove that not all animation is post-modernist. Same deal with 'Airplane!' a definitive post-modern spoof comedy that would influence many other spoof comedies (albeit mostly bad ones) to come. So the essay would essentially be split into two different halves, but with the common cause of arguing my case partially against this brief: "It could be argued that while live-action is a Modernist art form, Animation is a Post-modernist art form. Do you Agree?" That's not entirely a yes or no topic, is it? Of course it may be true in most cases, but we can't ignore the exceptions to this somewhat sweeping generalisation. Huurrr moving on...

About commissions n shizz: Whilst I'm willing to do them, it all depends on whether I'm terribly busy or not; with all the uni stuff going on. But do feel free to make requests! I can do stuff like illustrations, comic strips, storyboards, etc.. Prices are negotiable, because of all the variables concerning time and effort and all that. Does £10 an hour sound reasonable? Indeed, payments to be done via Paypal. I couldn't think of any other way to do it unless I turned into this guy:…

So yeah, ask me anything!
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After what seemed to pass like a mere few months, suddenly my first year of BA Animation is finished! But it won't be truly complete without finishing the two deferred things I facked up in semester 1. I won't pass if I don't do them, so here they are now two spaces below this piece of text:

"It could be argued that whilst Live Action Film is a Modernist art-form, Animation is Post-Modernist. Do you agree?" What I find confusing about this is that it's not exactly a yes or no question. Granted that from the beginning, Animation set itself out as a display of the graphic potential that could be achieved (a love affair of surface/spectacle over serious narrative structure), and has the capability to defy reality without the need to constrict itself to realistic boundaries all the time; all traits of Post-Modernism. Over the last century, Animation has grown, burst out of its cocoon, and spread wings of newly-found sophistication. And with that, Animation started to become Animated Film-making, and would eventually become an asset to Live-Action.
        Take for example, Ralph Bakshi's work. After animating and directing for Terrytoons, he became sick and tired of the same conventional hoo-haa, so he quit and went the complete opposite direction. An already unconventional move, Bakshi prised the property from R. Crumb's hands to make 'Fritz the Cat' (1972), the first X-rated animated feature film made in the English language (which then led to re-distribution of the first ever so-called X-rated film in 1970, 'Cleopatra', co-directed by Osamu Tezuka and Eiichi Yamamoto). Cradled by the streets and cultures of New York, Bakshi's storytelling is consistently down-to-earth and never hesitates to not pull any punches to show us that this is how it is. Combining children's style animation with the context of 60's drug culture, sex, violence, revolt must have unsettled audiences, thus being controversial. Eventually it led to Crumb killing off Fritz in his comic, because he didn't want to be associated with the animated Fritz that he didn't want to make. Indeed, the acts shown in Fritz would be considered tame compared with what we consider to be X-rated today (need I mention the "H-word"?).
        What I thought would be a good idea to focus on was the film Mr. B made after Fritz: 'Heavy Traffic'. At the moment, it's region 1 only (nothing the internet can't solve), and controversial as ever! Heavy Traffic is part autobiographical, part drug-fuelled craziness, a combination of live-action and animation set in underground New York. The narrative is on Mike, an artist whose mother is Jewish, and whose father is an Italian working for the Mafia. The Jewish mother absolutely despises her Italian husband, stuff goes down, then Mike simply says, "Papa's alright." The film works between him and live action Mike who is playing on a pinball machine, in an act of, ahem...... SYMBOLISMMM!!!11!1!!!)!u1(*0 So in the animated world, Mike comes across a variety of vivid and interesting characters, in a rather episodic fashion, almost like everyday life. Though that aspect may be problematic, because regular reality is considered boring in comparison with theatrical reality. Along with Fritz and other future films including 'Coonskin' and 'Hey, Good Lookin', there's plenty of sex, drugs, violence, explicit actions as you'd expect with any Bakshi film. So that's an example of how Animation can be on an unclear spot between Modernism and Post-Modernism, I suppose.
        However, I'm still a little confused about what makes something modernist or post-modernist. From what I gather, Modernism concerns works of art and things that carry behind them a mass of serious ideologies made in order to streamline technological determinism, in defiance of the mundane aesthetics of art-nouveau, classical paintings, and to show great optimism for the future that lies ahead. Post-Modernism, on the other foot, actively defies Modernism in that it only appears to bear one ideology: simply to entertain. Post-Modernism acknowledges that there is a means to an end, therefore treating itself like a throwaway consumer item instead of an historical artefact set in stone. Essentially, they just wanna party hard to the very end, without giving a ratz about realism or serious narrative integrity. The main theme of post-modernism seems to be an over-dependence on surface and spectacle, often incorporating intertextuality to its palette of what it considers to be hip/cool humour. Now it's starting to get a little tired.
        Take for instance, 'Quest for Camelot', where the pop-culture references created a major disservice to the epic operatic quality of the story, on top of the many other flaws I found in it (so obvious, you can see them in the film without me having to tell you). The talking Siamese Dragons sing a big musical number referencing modern television and music such as Elvis in an Arthurian setting. Just like Disney Aladdin's Genie, except that it does not make any sense, if the dragons do not seem to possess any time-travelling abilities to have been able to make references to such things. And what's more insane is that the human characters are none the wiser to their epileptic light show of the future being shoved in their faces, and just move on without questioning anything about what they just witnessed (Remind you of anything familiar?…). The other problematic post-modernist pop comes out of the Axe Chicken once he suddenly decided he was going to *beeeeepzomgspoilers!*, "Do I feel CLUCKY!?"(!) What the hell!? If you wanted to subvert this story further, you might as well have referenced Die Hard for crying out loud! "Chickee-kayay, mother-clucker!"
        But 'Camelot' isn't the main thing I wanted to do. One of the things I'd like to do is cross-examine Ralph Bakshi's 'Heavy Traffic' and Justin Kerrigan's 'Human Traffic', in terms of differences between modernism, post-modernism, etc... 'Human Traffic' was made by someone who studied film and video at the same University of Wales, Newport (where I'm studying right now), and based his story on the acid nightclub culture. So here's the story: A group of quirky adults go on a drug-frenzied weekend in Cardiff, and come out the other end, feeling slightly refreshed afterwards. That's about it. Danny Dyer cast the first stone of Post-Modernism by breaking the fourth wall in the very first scene. It begins to show that Film-making could be as wacky an Animation, whilst Animation could be as civilised as Film-making. Sort of a role-reversal, there.
        Yeah, so that's all I'm going to churn out on the subject for now. On to the next priority.

A short loop of Animation played through mechanisms instead of screens. The project was designed to be a challenge for us, and to see what we were capable of creating in the amount of time and range of resources given. Problems including getting the mechanism to work with the animation, under-developed ideas, and time-management issues were the main downfall of my first attempt at this. My design was initially too ambitious or awkward to pull off, as I opted for the animation to play vertically instead of like a normal Zoetrope, and have the image projected onto a wall. Because the light I scrambled to find wasn't concetrated enough to see it clearly, and the strip of painted on acetate I used was just a moving image (not real animation), I must now go back to the drawing board and think of something else. I can't just make up any old animation for my Automaton. It must be based on a chosen manifesto. Caroline gave us a list of suitors, including Dada, Surrealist, Abstract Expressionism and Bruce Mau design. I chose Surrealism for my first try, but it didn't communicate that aspect very well. As for the physical design, I recently had the idea of seeing two different images on each eye by placing two animated loops together. Instead of having the light shine through the material, it would shine on it. And I'm considering using textiles for making the loops on. The Automaton device is expected to look pretty as well, and show the theme of what the manifesto is getting across in the work. It's a good thing my family owns a garage and plenty of tools, then....

I was recently commissioned to work on 2D Animation for this guy's film, which I'm going to keep hush-hush about for now. It's all been exciting, loads of people sending me things through email, and it seems to be coming along nicely. It'll be great to see the final outcome once it's finished. Another animation-related thing I worked for was a short film by Kim Noce, as part of Newport Animation's 'Animator in Residence' scheme. My work consisted of acting out scenarios then walking and running on four legs being filmed on green screen. Another film I'm eager to see finished.
        During the critique of my Character Animation, Matthew Gravelle (tutor) suggested that the summer holidays are a perfect opportunity to improve on my observational drawing skills, which was the weak point of the project I handed in and got a C for. Everyone's been saying to me that C is a very good grade, but I see it a very boring grade. That's why this time taken to practice will be invaluable to me and for the benefit of my animations.
        Something completely different, I have a new bunch of ideas for Sonic Shorts (Yes, I'm still trying). Involving the Slicer pulling a juggling act with its knifes, Sonic's head shaped similar to a balloon, and a bat credit card being offered to Rouge in the Chao Black Market. I'm not crossing my fingers for this, seeing as the I've been rejected a number of times. But hey! Still worth a shot.
        Oh, and I went to London MCM in May. Fantastic experience, and the cosplay was the best part of it as usual... Got my Futurama 5 DVD signed by Billy West, and got Maurice LaMarche's signature on a ready-made Pinky and the Brain picture. In my best Stimpy voice: Joooy! Also met the Gagaman (:icongagaman:) for the first time at his shared stall with Stacey (:iconmabletherabbid:). Only disappointment was after taking the train back from London, when I stupidly left an anime poster next to a bank-machine and it got stolen. Thanks, Newport. That's £13 I'm never going to get back. But in fairness, I'm not the sort of person to hang a Haruhi poster on my bedroom wall. Next time, the Newport 'Anime, Manga & Japanese Culture Society' that I'm a member of, will be going to the October Expo. One of them is expected to cosplay, and I'm considering dabbling in a bit of cosplay myself. I could either dress-up as a Nyan Cat and offer free hugs, or do an embarrassing cross-dress, like Cardcaptor Sakura, or Yui, or something....

In conclusion a summer of fun and bloody hard work!

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Plenty of stuff gone on in that amount of time.

Volunteered to work on the Big Chill festival last year, stayed there for 6 days or something like that. It was a big deal for me because it was the first time I stayed on my own for that long, as well as being the first music festival I'd ever been to. It was a near perfect experience for me. The only downsides were the lousy security, the noise and the sheer amount of money that I lost to the festival. I'd spent over 300 pounds in only four days, which doesn't include the entry cost. The programme and schedule cards for the festival cost £8, the cost of food and drink had me thinking I could've brought more of my own, as well as a few CDs from Mr Scruff's Tea Shop and a high quality Nepalese coat for 20 quid. The night before the first day of Big Chill, we [arena crew members] were warned by security staff that we weren't supposed to camp at the purple zone because it'd be unfair for everyone else who paid, which put us in an awkward position. Apparantly if we were found camping before the Big Chill, our tents would have been disassembled. So the very next morning I was apprehensive, so I dissembled my tent then reset it later. Afterwards I found out that no-one came to disassemble our tents, so that was a bit annoying. For a festival called the Big Chill - whilst there were elements of chill - sure made a lot of noise into the night! My highlights of the festival would have to be Thom Yorke, Massive Attack, walking in very close proximity to Craig Charles then enjoying his funk and soul show. And finally, during an interactive showing of Bunny and the Bull, I was literally dragged into taking off my clothes then sitting in a barrel with ice being poured on me for over 5 minutes. With no clear winner, we were set free and I was given chocolate stars to keep me from developing hypothermia, then I was given a huge teddy bear that stank of beer. Another quirk of that show was being offered White Russian from a dog's teet. All one all, one of the greatest experiences of my life and I was totally knackered after it.

After finishing my BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design, I applied for four Universities and only one of them accepted. Hereford dropped out of the course because not enough people applied, so they didn't offer me a place. The interview for Hereford was rather condecending, because the person who'd come in before me had a stunning portfolio. He raved about it DURING the interview, saying such wonderful things like "she could work in Japan." Then he looked at my drawings and said, "you, on the other hand..." Wow. Surely that's not politically correct. Having said that my portfolio was crap. My animations were the only thing that saved me in those interviews. Bristol and Glamorgan said no, for the very same reason. For each interview I was ubiquitously advised to take a foundation year to improve my skills, which is exactly was I was trying to do for the BTEC. But obviously I'm still not good enough. Fail! Newport said the same thing, but it seemed that the interviewer had a little more faith in me than the others. Was it really coincidence that one of my Art teachers from High School suggested the same University? So in a fairytale like fashion, Newport accepted. I would either go there or take up a gap year. So what did I do? This ought to tell you.

DeviantART related: I'm finally starting to put stuff on here again since, like, ages and whatnot. My latest animation on here looks as though it's heading for over 1000 views, and that's an exciting first. It seems that bringing my wierd transformation fantasies to life gets the most recognition around here. It's fun the see the comparison between Tails Mask and the Cat Mask TG, because it resembles 5 years of progress in between. I believe the cat woman Valerie is my fursona now, because I've been drawing her a lot lately. So yeah, I guess I'm a furry, right? Eeeeeeeeeeeh. Maybe sometime in the future when I've got the time and the money I'll invest in a fursuit probably. Not likely, though. I don't want too many negative connotations to arise. We'll see.

Oh, and I turned :iconmrsimon: into a p0ny.…

That is all.
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Yes, I'm putting my spare-time induced music onto SoundCloud now:

Anyway, HOORAHS AND HUZZAHS FOR SPAIN! With their untethered network of delicate passing, managed one for the history books. I was surprised at team Holland's shameful reactions to defeat, though. Shouting at the referee, faffing about. That's not the Holland I came to know and love. Chill out! At the end of the day it's just a game, and you still get paid for it so no worries.

Still contemplating what to do over the summer: Animate a soundclip from Twin Town with Disney-style forest animals; have another go at the Estings competition; or an attempt a go on the Sonic Shorts bandwagon? Even though every idea I throw at The Wax he always manages to find something wrong with (it's either too complex, too obvious, could be done with anyone else, etc). Some things happen for a reason.

"I'm singin' in the rain....."
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So it's either the climax of an epic World Cup between two countries I really like, or the exhilaration of seeing a Grand Prix on Silverstone. My dad's a car enthusiast, so maybe the latter.

Gotta hand it to this year's summer telly: IT Crowd, Mock The Week, exciting sports, that's about it. Besides that, post-college summer hasn't been up to much lately, except for wooden doors and the kitchen skinned out like a coconut.

Recently tried a hand at silly dubbing, which turned out stupider than expected. I highly doubt it'll be put on YouTube. (Those fecking copyright-reapers!)

Then there was the business with emulations and silt; where for first time in so many years, I was able to experience the first real video-game I ever played: Banjo Kazooie on the N64. However, the emulator doesn't let me save so every time I stop playing I have to start all over again. Interestingly, most of the games I wanted to play again (including Diddy Kong Racing and Blast Corps) were Rare titles. That goes some way to elaborating their presence in the gaming industry, not to mention Golden-eye.

I'm anxious to see what the University lifestyle will turn out to be. Once like the country rat in a Beatrix Potter book, then all of a sudden sharing accomodation with 4 other students and working in the city. Golly.

What to do until then... Make some more animation? Just need a solid idea, then I'll get to work.

Oh, and by the way:…
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Assignment finished
New doors can open
Destination clear

Yesterday was the last day I worked in HCA. What to do with this sudden flourish of spare time? Get those green stars! (heehee)
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After seeing that David Mitchell on football, I realise that is how it's going to be for the next couple of months. IT HAS BEGUN! The first match already through on a tie between South Africa and Mexico, and couldn't have summed up better the tense denouement of the upcoming matches than it has.

Anyway, enough footie. It's been a week in Fuerteventura; felt longer, yet here I am. The European trend of liberal 'stop-casually-for-pedestrians' car roaming was certainly there, and the moment we returned - on the way out of a car park - someone obnoxiously pulled out in front of the barrier then dad sneered, "I hate the English." (Couldn't agree more. Generally they are some of the most ignorant drivers in the world.) The best telly over there was either watching German versions of Kids' Programmes such as 'Spongebob Schwammkopft' & 'Avatar: [something, something] Element' or watching the world's most miserable reports just as the Cumbria killings happened - God rest all those victims - when BBC News mysteriously got cut off and we had to see it on the Daily Murdoch (Or Sky News, to you and me). The way it's presented gives plenty of incentive to call it Fox News' bitch, and you get the feeling that the news-anchor would fall off from the sheer magnitude of the ident's quickzoom. Sorry, that all sounded really negative, but I seriously had a smashing time in Fuerte. Honest! Here's hoping the video footage didn't get ruined by the sand...

Final Major Project still has some crucial editing to do, but it's looking up. Received positive feedback from fellow students, the show isn't too long and more importantly it's there! Couldn't have done it without the generous efforts of the Performing Arts students. Pop a Champers for them! I will put up the show on 'Tube after the exhibition is finished, because want it to be 'exclusive'. Besides, it's better on a bigger screen.

A black Mokona sits on my DVD player as a memento of the first MCM expo I'd ever been to. Main Highlights: We broke the DS World Record from 300-something to over 500! During the attempt I had a close encounter with ONM legend Scullion in his Luigi costume, where I budged up some seats, he let me through (which incidentally is a text-book British way of meeting someone), and I briefly sat next to him. There's no evidence to back that up, but you can see me offside in one of the ONM press photos. Played a little Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Sin & Pushment 2, bought Dead Leaves for a pound and wondered round looking for Gaga and that lot. Good, fun times. If only there was more to do. Definitely going back in October.

P.S. At Fuerte, I went on one of those glass bottom boats. I knew someone with a glass bottom once; when he sat down you could see his crack.

*kiss* Goodnight Folks!
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It were snowing only a few months ago, and now the sun burns brightly on us like a supernova! Could be the year that mother nature decided "maybe Britain feels a little left out", so she gave us a full blast of seasonal climate.

Since the last eventul journal, I've seen plenty of scary things about privacy showing exactly why I didn't want to go on BookFace. But we'll never know what they intend to do with those personal details beyond what they say they'll do; except, perhaps, be careful with what you say or don't say because they may or may not be watching and might or might not libel you. Still, it's good for keeping in touch.

Excitement/Anxiety related news: Only one more week of actual College work before MCM Expo & Fuerteventura, so there's a lot of sketch show filming and cartooning to be done in 3-5 days (I'll post some bit and bobs on that later). Getting the co-creators to perform has been an uphill struggle from the start, and now we're at the point where there has to be a compromise in order to complete it. Normally, when we leave for a Holiday there's a contrast between our weather and the holiday weather. Now I'm beginning to think that we'll leave the sun just to get even more sun! (Unless Volcanogate spoils it, then there'll be more production time yay!)

One of those faint childhood memories returned once again in the form of an Animaniacs boxset! I didn't realise before how musical it all was, satirical and inventive! High quality programming like this is now as rare on the telly as it is to discover gold on the Welsh seaside. Maybe that's why I wanted to take an Animation degree then hobnob through the industry. To rediscover the essence of good-natured anything-goes animation.

And that's an update! Might or might not see you at the expo, whoever you are.
"Goodnight Everybody!"
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Looks like I'm on that Facebook now.
A year shouldn't go by as quickly as this one has. Probably just sweeping over for the big 10.

I know it's a little early to make regards for the new year, when the yuletide's just begun (that word reminds me of chocolate logs for some reason). But Christmas has already been hyped off its face before December even began, the recession's taking its miserable toll, and it's raining buckets outside. Still excited though!

Stuff going down at the college: A recent smattering of incompetence happened this week. We took a trip to Manchester for the UCAS fair (initially like a Sci-fi convention run by teachers) and the lack of attandance was so dear, someone's written a letter to parents making a fuss about it. As a consequence we're going to an 'educational visit' to a London gallery in a couple of weeks. It says on the letter that "all students were made fully aware SEVERAL weeks prior to the event," and goes on to say that parents were given "literature" (didn't specify exactly what literature, though). I think it's mainly down to the tutors not reminding us properly the week before. They don't want to look bad, so they're giving us a bollocking instead. The trip wasn't that bad. We had an hour and a half to do things in the event, garnished by over 6 hours travel.

Internet related: My forum thread on Ghost In The Shell (2011 Pretentious Hollywood 3D Edition) had generated some interesting responses. The differences between the original book and the 1995 movie, 3D itself being a bit of a gimmick, but my favourite one of them is: "This will be the worst thing to come out since Dragonball: Evolution." Short, sharp and to the point. Well done, Halbdunkelwolf. Also, many thanks to TheWax for putting the animation I never finished on Deleted/Unfinished scenes for Sonic Shorts. I didn't finish it because it's too late anyway, and TheWax never seems to get my jokes. Someone I know in my class is a real natural VJ'ist. Check out his vids!…

Currently 2/3 into a project about TV idents that you can watch here >>… I made two short films for a previous project, but I can't put them up until I get the original files. At least you can see the outtakes of one here:…

So there you go! Have a nice Christmas, a good new year and here's to the new decade!

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Yes. Like so many, even the greatest of great, has fallen into the pitfall trend of cybernetic songbirds. Cawing out memoirs of their daily activity in bite-size chunks like hairballs out of an estranged cat. I signed up to Twitter. Where bothering famous people couldn't be easier!

Moving on, *nocturnalMoTH recently started a thing where she asked people to "Gimme your playlist!" I thought I'd do the same....
I mainly like music from the 60's and 70's, with some jazz and electronica in as well, amongst other things. So I'll accept any music that sounds shady/cool. As long as it's not over-proccesed hip-hop or silly dance songs that sound too much like gay space pirates on ecstacy (I'm looking at you, Flo Rider!)

Here's my short playlist:-

Booker T. & The MG's - Green Onions

Robin Trower - Too Rolling Stoned, Bridge Of Sighs

Radiohead - Planet Telex, Paranoid Android, Just

Santana - Black Magic Woman, Soul Sacrifice, Evil Ways, She's Not There

Zero 7 - Destiny, In The Waiting Line

Fatboy Slim - Ya Mama

Daft Punk - Digital Love, Human After All, Face To Face

Deep Purple - Strange Kind Of Woman, Speed King, Fireball

There's probably plenty of other songs out there that I'd enjoy. I just don't know their names. :P So don't hesitate! Call now!

After so long, I thought I'd update this journal, just to wipe off that old smut of an entry. That one was too much out of date to ignore.

So, That All Folks! Byyeee!!!
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I'm a lot better now. Let's make sure that doesn't happen again (Haha). I should apologise if I scared anyone during this 'episode', but sadly, the situation was beyond my control. I'll assume it was thanks to the Flu, to save 'waffle' time.

Yes. It's 2009, and of course we're all having a lovely time bathing in the big fat reccession (nothing unusual). I'm back in college now, a bit more catching up to do, but that should be fine. My older brother has gone off to Florida for 3 months, finally gets to train his Horsemanship with Pat Parelli himself (!), and should be back for Easter. Things have been missing and gone recently, but nothing that isn't replacable (The Wii, for example...)

My head has been full of huge ambitious ideas over the holidays, including ideas for the Sonic Shorts (I should submit an animatic soon...), and they are indeed ambitious:

1) I know that Dreamworks are currently making a live-action 3D version of Ghost in the Shell, but I'm not sure how they're going to handle it. I had the idea that multiple actors would play Major Motoko Kusanagi, Clive Anderson would suit the role of Aramaki, and the film could be achieved by a multitude of visionary directors. Guillmero Del Toro, QT & Rodriguez, Edgar Wright, Chris Cunningham, Terry Gilliam, Danny Boyle, James Cameron & Ridley Scott would be the dream team. I've started to take action by lending the Manga to a friend in Performing Arts, and he with his friend (an avant-garde director) would help me adapt it into a screenplay of our own. We'd then send it to Dreamworks with an essay regarging the ideas an hopefully they'd come back with something.....Even if the plan fails, I'm still excited about the potential of this film and I wish Hollywood all the best.

2) Fooly Cooly is now available in the UK, and they're about to release the 'Collection' in February. I would love to see this programme somewhere on normal TV, because it explores so many issues that adolescants can relate to, the animation is superb and there is something remarkably 'British' about it as well. If I'm not too overloaded by other things, I'd be excited to make an exclusive British dub of FLCL, and show it on somewhere like Channel 4. I may do casting in the college, although it's bound to be tougher than X-Factor to find the right people.  If I can manage to get the rights through other production companies (like Talkback Thames or Aardman), it can be done (as long as I ask the right people).

3)  An eclectic variety comedy programme, with many jokes ranging from political satire to visual gags and spoofs. I just have to start writing some sketches and the other writers will be able to discuss things with me when they're not busy. I have another idea for a comedy improv. show called "Physical Jazz", which has the same set-up as "Whose Line is it Anyway?" except with more up-to-date issues and more games. This cunning plan is much more down-to-earth than the others. It's a more realistic goal, and I should think realistically if I want to survive in the business world (especially in the media industry).

They will take their sweet time to take off, but it's a great new year's resolution at best. I can predict a great many things for this year, but now I should get back to work.....
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Does anyone else feel like they'd been sucked through some kind of paradox? Because I feel really wierd! It's like I'd been taken over by a Love Bomb, (or H-Bomb, depending on which way you look at it). One dreary night on Sunday, I felt the strongest urge to play Snooker, and then I found Grandpa's 'diary' [AND ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD THE CODE!!]; I was playing on Sonic Chronicles & Unleashed as well (and it started to feel like a B-movie episode of Thunderbirds), so I started getting suspucious and then suddenly I decided to watch 'Basil The Great Mouse Detective'. I noticed him waffle about some-thing to do with Baker, then connected the dots toward a Halo above our heads, (which could be the reason someone in Vietnam [my GRANDPA] was laying wait, sitting in Pan's Labrinth and mincing Morse Code into our heads. Something like: SEND the Bombs to Afghanistahn, (or something).

I started to connect more dots, and everyone wanted me to Shut Up because I was so Paranoid. I started making connections to Hunter S. Thompson's "Fear and Loathing," then suddenly `I wanted to buy "Dr. Strangelove,"' and suddenly It became so clear. All of it seemed to come together so soon, and I suddenly saw H.S.T's face in the headlights and then suddenly I thought, "Hey, Why not Send the Bomb to Afghanistan?" I then made another connection to "The Resevoir Chronicle" and "The WARHAMMER Codex". Then I thought, "It must be a dream simulation, designed to play with my mind and pull the Strings on me. "I wondered lonely as a cloud, {Like Haruko}, and then suddenly I wanted to watch three things at the same. Since my Uncle & Grandpa died, it must've been a time Paradox, within Paradox, (To connect even more dots and form a "cunning" Plan. That would explain why 'Baldrick' was always right. Might of been associated with the BBC or something, and now I realise that I have a friend/relative, that goes by the name of "Becky BeebeeJaumn). Bee train!?? FLCL!? Is that the connection!?

========================== Well, your guess is as good as mine, I suppose....
                                  Teehe, I feel like a red cat/mouse with his trousers down, saying this. But, it might be imoprtant to some but not others. It all seems to boil down to The Demented Cartoon Movie, but can YOU connect the dots!! HAHA!!
It's been another three months and this year appears to be lasting forever, when actually time has flown very quickly. Apparently Christmas started in the middle of November because all the mega-stores in Hereford had already decorated themselves before anyone else, and regular e-mails from stores saying, "there's still time," have popped up recently. I still have a fair vision of 'what-I'd-like-for-Christmas-and-what-not': I'm hoping for a Rough Guide to Japan; my Wii & DS collection clearly need an update; possibly Kill Bill 1 & 2 as well; a novel; and mainly fun, curious bits and bobs for the rest. My circle of friends keep mentioning that Christmas has lost it's magic (due to the epitaph of Father Christmas existing and knowing what you're going to recieve on the day), but I'm more looking foreword to relaxing inside and treating myself, rather than a few items of Seasonal propaganda.

Speaking of which, they'd completely sold out of Proffesor Layton And The Curious Village, according to the relatives who even went to Cheltenham to buy it, so immediately my second option was Sonic Chronicles. I also decided on Sonic Unleashed for the Wii, because I haven't had a go on the wolfy-thing yet! Unfortunately, by the time I changed my mind about having it, I think my parents already bought it for me, so I can voice hillarious comments over the storyline (a la MST3K) to ease the pain.

I'm sort of enjoying Art College at the moment, even though things have been slightly on top of me. For instance, I've had two weeks of conjuring up intricate research and making up essays whilst I had a terrible cold, I've just completed a Powerpoint presentation of my sketchbook work in the nick of time, I've yet to complete my stamp project and just today we played strenuous amounts of Football and I recieved a 'leg cramp' in the leisure centre. All in a day's work, I suppose.

If all else fails, at least there's FLCL. They're supposed to release a box set early next year (Right after I bought the volumes instead!), and obviously the next step is getting it onto the television and broadening the audience. I could waffle all night about how the sexual inuendos and themes have a stronger relevance to the British Youth today (but I'd probably make the internet fall asleep), if not for all the Japanese in it, we'd have a programme that actually said something to teens after ten* years of anticipation (*That's an estimate of how reasonable Ofcom is). If anything, I'd suggest Channel 4 because they're more lenient than most channels, plus Anime & Manga is generally everywhere, so a lot of youngsters might 'get' it.

If all that fails, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very fortunate new year. Don't take it for granted: Make the most of it! The world might end soon. (And I can't wait to see the look on their gullable faces)
......We talk with a Duck, a Cat and a Lizard. Hello again! Apologies for the delay; I have been very busy doing things, reaching deadlines, getting inducted to the College and workshops, adjusting my body clock to the times I've got to get up (I take the morning bus after 20 mins of walking, then 10-15 mins more walking), for which I'm very pleased at the moment. As you can see I've changed my Deviant status to Art Student, since today I officially am one after a morning spent enrolling, signing my soul to Special Needs department (*sigh), and at last achieving the means to book and DVD loans in the Library. With this new found privalege, I excitedly borrowed a copy of Old Grey Whistle Test 2 (featuring The Who and Roxi Music), a genuine boxset of Ren & Stimpy [unleashed] (the reference guide for any aspiring animator), and a book on 'Drawing A Likeness' (since one of my weaknesses is getting the proportions of the face "just right").

My Holidays were nothing much to celebrate (even though I did drink champagne more often), except a day for which I may not soon forget: 11 hours of bailing 1000s of hay bails, much like an excerpt of 'The Never-ending Story' (it seems to never end!), following certain events leading us to helping another posse bailing for their Winter, and so on. No trips to fancy resturaunts afterward, so a little dissapointed. I think this first week of Art College has really changed my confidence, contrary to the regular me who usually sits around and dosses all day in his free time, it really seems that I have a lot more to say than before (when nothing ever happens around screens). Speaking of which, I really have to get a early night kip if I want to be well adjusted and happy for tommorow, the DEADLINE!! for my IKEA assignment (I'll edit this Journal tomorrow, so watch out), so for now I say: お休みなさい。 (or, Goodnight)....



Sooooooo, that's the end of my first Week of Art College (of which I thoroughly enjoyed), and now I have time to silently reminisce on the good times; with a jam-packed weekend boredom of back-2-back 'Ren & Stimpy', the best of 'Whistle Test 2', and an intricate guide to 'Drawing A Likeness' (sorry if that seems like I'm repeating myself, but I'll elaborate to more detail later on.....), but for now I'll tell you a wonderful story on the Induction week. Basically, it's a slightly laid back week where all the students have to be 'inducted' to all the workshops and the equipment by signing their name, *gasp* to say that they understand all the boring health & safety rules with a general node of, "No eating, drinking or smoking," "Wear Overalls," and, "The tech dems will refuse you if you are under the influence of Alcohol"..... (also "Bring a visual aid" & "They are tech dems, not tutors!" (For instance, I can't use the textiles facilities because I missed the full induction for the 03:45 bus to *uughn, etc.... . So yeah......Boring.

           MONDAY:- As I was dropped off to the reception with my book and toolbox in tow, I entered to find some familiars from John Kyrle (Including Christopher and Lotty), and a brief sighting of a very spaced out Caleb (AKA, Citizen-Insane on Myspace) wearing a stylish bowler hat, a black overcoat and holding a Bass guitar case on his back. I saw him in the first break to say hi, he dazely shook my hand to end with "~Sir," (like we all do :) ), asked me when my older brother will return from Colorado of the Americas (and not Colarido down under!) to perform an eventful ritual of competitive Snooker (because he's getting quite rusty). Chris then came over with "-You know eachother...?", we shook hands again, then they buggered off to enroll (In the heavenssS$Sss!!).
            For the first period, we were all introduced to the college by the Principal (who stressed on "getting engaged with the work"), we were assigned to our groups and I was Group A with the softly spoken Áine (On•ya, then later David James). I was sat in a T-area upstairs (it was all one collective table) we got to know eachother in pairs then present them to the class; I interviewed the pale blond, Faith, (who unfortunately forgot to mention my Asperger's. Ah well, some thing's got to give to make all "shady and interesting"). Of course, we analysed eachother's work for the Summer Holidays, which was on 'Holiday' (duhh), 10 pages of assorted material relating to the theme of Holiday, blah blah blah. I think mine got a very positive response, in terms of how many people picked my book for exibition. I can quote the words, "Shady & Cool," along with compliments on my own style, etc....  In the last session, we were briefed on our trip to IKEA, with some useful info on Ingvar Kamprav (An 82-year-old Sweedish Entrepreneur who named his products because he was Dyslexic, and founded IKEA!).

          TUESDAY-IKEA DAY:- Normally we have a day off, but today was the deciding point between Confusion and Success. We took three buses to IKEA in Cardiff; we were assigned to sketch 5 different products from several angles, analyse and annotate on each one. Time was of the essense because the bus was delayed and we had to return for 2:00, not 2:30 so we only had "Precious little time" to jot down all the information I need and leave (after a £6 meal). It was relatively simple to navigate through IKEA with a map in every room and shortcuts, but the exits were just so dicrete through the checkout points, and so people claim to be "lost". I think it was my second trip to IKEA, so I expected to be lost like in "Bristol IKEA", where we couldn't escape. It was a timely return to the bus home, when I was staring at the clouds and imagining a lushly  2D (I.G.) animated pilot episode of a Sonic The Hedgehog drama series, involving mistaken identities and convincing situations, on the way back to College.
WEDNESDAY:- Just plain inductions to the workshops and more work on the IKEA project.
THURSDAY:- Back to brass-tax, we were finally enrolled into the student body (and an ID Card to match). I don't feel the need to repeat myself, but interesting to note that upon borrowing this DVD set of 'Ren & Stimpy', the librarian said to me, "I'd be surprised if you could watch through the entire thing and still be sane," I thought, "This could be interesting." I was warped by the first two episodes, so inspiring and insane! Honestly,  John K did to the "Creator-driven Cartoon" what GAINAX did to the Animé industry with FLCL (serious)! I was even Imagining Pulp Fiction with Ren & Stimpy (Ren Travolta and Stimpy .L. Jackson!) with Ren in the OD scene screaming "WAKE UP YOU FOOL!!!" *slap*. Yeah, I was also amazed by the awesome lineup of 'Whistle test 2', just plain top dog! The 'likeness' book will also be an essential read, since my weakness with drawing the face just right, and so on.
           Then the class were given Sketchbooks of A2, for our task to design and present a piece of furniture, which can hold a T.V, a lamp and storage (inspired by either Liquid, Nature or Speed). The deadline was Friday I 'thought', so I was working prolifically non-stop on the designs: I came up with a black, big design based on the STIBY range; a cool compact holder with wings and alternating doors called "LITL WIING"; and (my personal favourite) a 60's Style Pad with a HDTV wall mounted, fitted stereos, conveyer belt storage, loads of Abstract art, and finally, foldable side lava-lamp pads. Really cool but very ambitious, £280 is the most reasonable price I can think of (I called it 'Qadrophénîa'). I feel that I was pretty ahead of everyone else, in terms of volume and dilligence (hey, I'm strange).


SATURDAY: Might work on the Presentation drawing today. The "LOG" joke is getting a little tired.

FRIDAY:- Last day of the week and only one induction to do (Photography). First session was spent with Connexions as Gail Kilmister raises awareness of Qualifications, transferable skills, secrets to the job market (advertises 23% of what is already there), and the boy who started from catering to retail in but a matter of time climbing up the ladder. Since I assumed the deadline for the IKEA project was the end of Friday, I worked at ludicrous speed to reach the finishing point, and it was quite unnerving to see the other people who set their own pace. I don't want to make anyone jealous, but it seems that I gave that impression from the first day (and it makes me feel guilty). I just felt this surge of positive, committed energy to the work I was given and in the timeframe I was to work under, so I was flying........
So, I saw Cal on this day, we talked, he gave me his phone number, I brought up "Physical Jazz", he was amused, we talked more, then we noticed register, we reminisced on the "sad, sleepless nights" of the Weekend looming, we said goodbye, Cal eats, shoots and leaves, and that's the game (so to speak). At heart, he is a very nice man; telling jokes, unpredictable (although he still wants to know about the Snooker). I think we were on the same channel when we discussed things. It's great to know someone so talented who isn't juggling roles (like Chris), he is totally free. However this sudden burst of "I'm HERE!" gave the impression that I wasn't as prepared for this as I thought, because I hadn't even written any material for the 'Sketch Show' I'm thinking of doing, but there's good news on Physical Jazz where Caleb will probably try to get as many improv actors as possible (the Folly theatre is a perfect venue for this!). Anyway, enough on laid back 'Whose Line?', It's time to eat more Maccaroni! ~Until next week, bouaauy!
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One more exam and I'm through! I won't have to attend Secondary School again! Very good news!!  Art Collage is looking to be a 'smashing' experience (pre-ordered for 27th June!) after 2 months of sweet Summer bliss! I only have the assignment of doing 10 pages of 'Holidays' to start off the Art course,  maybe a bit of recording work with my dad, and possibly Pedalabikeaway for excercise. Speaking of which, since I'm going take a bus to Hereford, I'm planning to jog there so I can release endorphins when I get there.

             Unfortunately though, my tablet has finally gone mad: When I draw with the pen, the strokes become 'wiggly' over time, and I don't know if it's still replacable after 4 years. As a result, I've been animating and drawing a lot less recently, although my lack of interest in drawing may have been a result of that scary transition period.

                                   Also, I'm considering taking part in that Sonic Shorts collab with TheWax70. I'm thinking of mixing Sonic and Tails with Batman and Robin (from the 60's), with a hint of British Politics.
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After my 'transition phase', I certainly discovered a few resolutions:-
       > A place in the Art college
       > Being a "provisional adult", in my terms
       > .....and FLCL reaching the UK (how exciting)

I'd say more, but I'd be up all night......
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Nice to know that I still make sense once in the while, or maybe not. But the truth, is that I'm feeling a lot better now.......and maybe later, who knows. Saying anythink more would probably laugh you to death, but that's good custard pie as it is (let it simmer for a while, then grudgingly wait for another outcome to apear blatently nd without question). I think just now that I've noticed a surreal change in my system, so I'll just laugh myself to death when it happens......possibly. TeHEEE _+ + = MC Squared. HA HA!//

BY the Whay, I can't help but notice that fear is actually an astract expression and not in your trousers. That's meant to be a good thing! Anyway GOONIGHT! , KANPAI! ; ANd i  THink I shall go somewhere else now. or maybe not. I could go ion like things and bobbles frever cuz I know what I t ' s meant to feel like in theory. I mean, I could go on like this forever; I was just going through a tight shift and maybe now I could do iiiiwith a rest, and be quiet for some o maybe no reason at all,. Goodbyyyyekiiii !! !! !! :::::::::Jiajkl. com ? What the hell am I doing here still!?