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So it's either the climax of an epic World Cup between two countries I really like, or the exhilaration of seeing a Grand Prix on Silverstone. My dad's a car enthusiast, so maybe the latter.

Gotta hand it to this year's summer telly: IT Crowd, Mock The Week, exciting sports, that's about it. Besides that, post-college summer hasn't been up to much lately, except for wooden doors and the kitchen skinned out like a coconut.

Recently tried a hand at silly dubbing, which turned out stupider than expected. I highly doubt it'll be put on YouTube. (Those fecking copyright-reapers!)

Then there was the business with emulations and silt; where for first time in so many years, I was able to experience the first real video-game I ever played: Banjo Kazooie on the N64. However, the emulator doesn't let me save so every time I stop playing I have to start all over again. Interestingly, most of the games I wanted to play again (including Diddy Kong Racing and Blast Corps) were Rare titles. That goes some way to elaborating their presence in the gaming industry, not to mention Golden-eye.

I'm anxious to see what the University lifestyle will turn out to be. Once like the country rat in a Beatrix Potter book, then all of a sudden sharing accomodation with 4 other students and working in the city. Golly.

What to do until then... Make some more animation? Just need a solid idea, then I'll get to work.

Oh, and by the way:…
  • Listening to: Stuck In The Middle With You
  • Watching: The IT Crowd
  • Playing: Super Mario 64
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Submitted on
July 10, 2010