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After seeing that David Mitchell on football, I realise that is how it's going to be for the next couple of months. IT HAS BEGUN! The first match already through on a tie between South Africa and Mexico, and couldn't have summed up better the tense denouement of the upcoming matches than it has.

Anyway, enough footie. It's been a week in Fuerteventura; felt longer, yet here I am. The European trend of liberal 'stop-casually-for-pedestrians' car roaming was certainly there, and the moment we returned - on the way out of a car park - someone obnoxiously pulled out in front of the barrier then dad sneered, "I hate the English." (Couldn't agree more. Generally they are some of the most ignorant drivers in the world.) The best telly over there was either watching German versions of Kids' Programmes such as 'Spongebob Schwammkopft' & 'Avatar: [something, something] Element' or watching the world's most miserable reports just as the Cumbria killings happened - God rest all those victims - when BBC News mysteriously got cut off and we had to see it on the Daily Murdoch (Or Sky News, to you and me). The way it's presented gives plenty of incentive to call it Fox News' bitch, and you get the feeling that the news-anchor would fall off from the sheer magnitude of the ident's quickzoom. Sorry, that all sounded really negative, but I seriously had a smashing time in Fuerte. Honest! Here's hoping the video footage didn't get ruined by the sand...

Final Major Project still has some crucial editing to do, but it's looking up. Received positive feedback from fellow students, the show isn't too long and more importantly it's there! Couldn't have done it without the generous efforts of the Performing Arts students. Pop a Champers for them! I will put up the show on 'Tube after the exhibition is finished, because want it to be 'exclusive'. Besides, it's better on a bigger screen.

A black Mokona sits on my DVD player as a memento of the first MCM expo I'd ever been to. Main Highlights: We broke the DS World Record from 300-something to over 500! During the attempt I had a close encounter with ONM legend Scullion in his Luigi costume, where I budged up some seats, he let me through (which incidentally is a text-book British way of meeting someone), and I briefly sat next to him. There's no evidence to back that up, but you can see me offside in one of the ONM press photos. Played a little Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Sin & Pushment 2, bought Dead Leaves for a pound and wondered round looking for Gaga and that lot. Good, fun times. If only there was more to do. Definitely going back in October.

P.S. At Fuerte, I went on one of those glass bottom boats. I knew someone with a glass bottom once; when he sat down you could see his crack.

*kiss* Goodnight Folks!
  • Watching: Bolt (on day of writing)
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  • Eating: Pizza and... mash?
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Submitted on
June 11, 2010