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Plenty of stuff gone on in that amount of time.

Volunteered to work on the Big Chill festival last year, stayed there for 6 days or something like that. It was a big deal for me because it was the first time I stayed on my own for that long, as well as being the first music festival I'd ever been to. It was a near perfect experience for me. The only downsides were the lousy security, the noise and the sheer amount of money that I lost to the festival. I'd spent over 300 pounds in only four days, which doesn't include the entry cost. The programme and schedule cards for the festival cost £8, the cost of food and drink had me thinking I could've brought more of my own, as well as a few CDs from Mr Scruff's Tea Shop and a high quality Nepalese coat for 20 quid. The night before the first day of Big Chill, we [arena crew members] were warned by security staff that we weren't supposed to camp at the purple zone because it'd be unfair for everyone else who paid, which put us in an awkward position. Apparantly if we were found camping before the Big Chill, our tents would have been disassembled. So the very next morning I was apprehensive, so I dissembled my tent then reset it later. Afterwards I found out that no-one came to disassemble our tents, so that was a bit annoying. For a festival called the Big Chill - whilst there were elements of chill - sure made a lot of noise into the night! My highlights of the festival would have to be Thom Yorke, Massive Attack, walking in very close proximity to Craig Charles then enjoying his funk and soul show. And finally, during an interactive showing of Bunny and the Bull, I was literally dragged into taking off my clothes then sitting in a barrel with ice being poured on me for over 5 minutes. With no clear winner, we were set free and I was given chocolate stars to keep me from developing hypothermia, then I was given a huge teddy bear that stank of beer. Another quirk of that show was being offered White Russian from a dog's teet. All one all, one of the greatest experiences of my life and I was totally knackered after it.

After finishing my BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design, I applied for four Universities and only one of them accepted. Hereford dropped out of the course because not enough people applied, so they didn't offer me a place. The interview for Hereford was rather condecending, because the person who'd come in before me had a stunning portfolio. He raved about it DURING the interview, saying such wonderful things like "she could work in Japan." Then he looked at my drawings and said, "you, on the other hand..." Wow. Surely that's not politically correct. Having said that my portfolio was crap. My animations were the only thing that saved me in those interviews. Bristol and Glamorgan said no, for the very same reason. For each interview I was ubiquitously advised to take a foundation year to improve my skills, which is exactly was I was trying to do for the BTEC. But obviously I'm still not good enough. Fail! Newport said the same thing, but it seemed that the interviewer had a little more faith in me than the others. Was it really coincidence that one of my Art teachers from High School suggested the same University? So in a fairytale like fashion, Newport accepted. I would either go there or take up a gap year. So what did I do? This ought to tell you.

DeviantART related: I'm finally starting to put stuff on here again since, like, ages and whatnot. My latest animation on here looks as though it's heading for over 1000 views, and that's an exciting first. It seems that bringing my wierd transformation fantasies to life gets the most recognition around here. It's fun the see the comparison between Tails Mask and the Cat Mask TG, because it resembles 5 years of progress in between. I believe the cat woman Valerie is my fursona now, because I've been drawing her a lot lately. So yeah, I guess I'm a furry, right? Eeeeeeeeeeeh. Maybe sometime in the future when I've got the time and the money I'll invest in a fursuit probably. Not likely, though. I don't want too many negative connotations to arise. We'll see.

Oh, and I turned :iconmrsimon: into a p0ny.…

That is all.
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No, I don't play Toribash anymore. Forgot to remove that.
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May 21, 2011